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Our work is about supporting confident decision-making in practice and funding.  We do that by:

  • challenging assumptions

  • identifying strengths

  • exploring barriers

  • scoping the wider landscape in which your organisation operates.

We leverage insights, evidence and methods from multiple disciplines underpinning effective design and delivery of services for people.  ​

Supporting confident decision making in practice & funding

We’ll help base your decision-making in sound evidence of what works or is likely to work, whilst retaining a firm understanding of what is practical and achievable.  


We’ll help you think about equity and risk.  We’ll look at the detail as well as the big picture.


We’re proud of our reputation for honesty and straight-talking in the interests of improvement. 

We believe in evidence-informed policy, not policy-informed evidence.

doing work together

All our work has a focus on what you do with the results.


The work might be short and focused -  for example a piece of research to support a critical decision – or it might be wide-ranging and multi-dimensional – for example an exploratory review and consultation across and organisation or a system to assess the capacity for sustainable change or effective innovation.  


The product might be tangible – a final report – or the product might be the process itself: what we learn when we work, think and talk differently together, helped by somebody who brings a different lens.  

All our work has a focus on what you do with the results.

Our goal is to co-create actionable learning, whether for an individual leader, a small group or a whole organisation.  

The work we do for you might be:

  • research

  • evidence review

  • outcome evaluation

  • consultation

  • theory of change development

  • service or intervention design

  • implementation assessment.

More commonly it will be a blend of these, focused on your specific questions, challenges and realities.  


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