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What clients and peers have said about past work:

On work to develop a theory of change for a parenting support charity:

We are all very excited by (the new theory of change visualisations) and so impressed with the quality of the end result and the way you have been able to reflect upon and make sense of our comments along the way


On work to review and make recommendations for strengthening a local authority children’s service:

The implementation / systemic approach …was so useful in helping us to understand how our support service is experienced by families and stakeholders, and how we can use existing strengths to improve further. The independent analysis and reflection was invaluable and has shaped our service planning into the future


On workshop to help a local authority explore and leverage better cross-systemic relationships:

Really good workshop. Feels like we are in the right place for taking things forward.


On an implementation evaluation report on a complex three year programme of innovation:

I read the summary of key findings from the implementation of the programme with great interest and wanted to pass on my congrats. I thought it was frank, accessible and nuanced around the challenges of implementation


On a monograph on systems change:

This paper is a terrific read! I have now read it all very closely, and have learned a huge amount. A monumental piece of work - a synthesis of material from a vast range of sources marinated in the juices from the fruits of your very considerable experience.


On a multi-method evaluation study for a new parent support programme in an English county council:

“A really thorough and useful piece of work. A great combination of data that give a vivid picture. I like the clear and engaging way the executive summary is presented and the Key Recommendations section gives us a clear steer on where to go from here. I’m sure this will help the programme go from strength to strength. Really appreciate all the work and thought you have put in.”


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