Led by Deborah Ghate, highly experienced director of the Colebrooke Centre for Evidence and Implementation and former CEO of two leading independent research and implementation support centres, Colebrooke Social Consulting offers a different kind of support and technical assistance to the social sector – one that is grounded in robust science, but blended with real world experience and the agility necessary for effectiveness.

Are you an individual or an organisation investing in social programmes?

Or thinking about investing?

Every organisation offering services to the community can benefit from a critical friend who shares your values

A different kind of support to the social sector


Philanthropies & Funders

Are you an individual or an organisation investing in social programmes?

Or thinking about investing?

The need is endless, and the options are wide. Many prospective grantees will tell you their service model has the answer – but how can you be sure? How can you find the best fit with your own objectives?

Whether you are a well-established funder or relatively new to the world of philanthropy and social funding,  we can offer sensitive, confidential and insightful support to individuals, teams and Boards for the process of programme development, grant giving or grantee selection, grantee support, and impact evaluation.

If you are developing a programme of funding but not sure where to focus for maximum impact, if you’re juggling priorities or assessing competing possibilities, we can help you navigate through the decision-making process and emerge more confident about your chosen direction.

We can help you solicit or evaluate funding proposals.  We can assess whether theories of change hold water, delivery plans are implementation-ready, ethical and equitable, and assess the relative likelihood of success in a given delivery environment. We can help you formulate clear plans for assessing ongoing progress.

Collecting Money

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complex territory

Service Providers


If you’re a service providing organisation planning innovation or improvement, we can help you play to your strengths.

We work with individuals, teams and organisations that provide direct services to the community.  We help them in all aspects of effective service delivery – from thinking through initial innovation and design ideas to exploring and evaluating the opportunities and challenges associated with different models of intervention and delivery.

Every organisation offering services to the community can benefit from a critical friend who shares your values, no matter how small or large you are.

With a rigorous but realistic focus on outcomes for organisations as well as beneficiaries and a wide perspective that takes in external evidence of what works as well as internal intelligence and expertise, we help you to navigate the complex territory between service ideals and the realities of service delivery.

Community Service

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complex territory

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